Boy Mother Teaching Son Teacher with her Students

"I would not be able to take on homeschooling without HSLDA."

Member from Newfoundland

"HSLDA saved our lives this past year. We are forever in debt for the kindness and consideration HSLDA showed us when the Youth Protection Services decided to make us their next meal."

Member from Quebec

"The assurance of your availability and support is greatly appreciated."

Member from Alberta

"Thank you for your involvement here in P.E.I. with the changes in law and regulation with regards to homeschooling."

Member from Prince Edward Island

"Your service is great! But more importantly our family appreciates your diligent effort to preserve and promote, as well as defend, the laws of the land that enable parents to raise and train their children in a righteous manner. Thank you so much."

Member from British Columbia

"We had a run-in last year with Children's Services. We are pleased with the advice and help we received from HSLDA."

Member from Ontario

"I have spoken over the phone with Paul Faris regarding the testing of our child for ADD. I found it extremely comforting to have legal advice available to us with such ease. Thank You."

Member from Saskatchewan

"We have never yet had to use the legal assistance of HSLDA, but if our contribution is helping others and our future generations, then I thank God for you and privilege of helping."

Member from Manitoba

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