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The Canadian Centre for Home Education (CCHE) is a non-profit, sister organization to HSLDA that was formed in order to fill the void of quality research in the area of home education, and to train volunteer home education leaders from across the country.

One of the primary purposes of CCHE is conducting research on academic, social, and pedagogical aspects of home education and making the results of such research available to the public and the media.

Fifteen Years Later: Home-Educated Canadian Adults

The latest research project of CCHE is a study titled: Fifteen Years Later: Home-Educated Canadian Adults. Up until now, little has been known of Canadian adults who were home-educated as students, particularly as they compare to their Canadian adult peers. Following a 1994 study, hundreds of families were followed up with to determine the result of their home education into their adult years.

2009 Study
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Home Education in Canada: A Report on the Pan-Canadian Study on Home Education 2003

A recent research project of CCHE was the study titled: Home Education in Canada: A Report on the Pan-Canadian Study on Home Education 2003. This comprehensive national survey seeks to better understand parental motivations for choosing to home educate and also offers statistics concerning the overall effectiveness of home education in Canada as an educational option.

Home Education in Canada

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