Real-life Success Stories

From sea to sea, families all across Canada are experiencing the blessings of home education. We trust that the real-life success stories we share here will serve as an ongoing source of inspiration for you and your family along your journey of home education.

Homeschool Hero: Developing his Passion and Reaching for the Skies

Follow me on the journey of Mikaël Cardinal, a junior lecturer at the Université de Sherbrooke. Mikaël grew up in Quebec with his four younger siblings. His parents decided at the very beginning that they would homeschool all their children, because they wanted to pass on their beliefs to their children and to encourage strong family relationships. - By Caitlyn Watson -
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Homeschool Hero: ACPEQ President

Meet André Riendeau, president of ACPEQ in Quebec. André was homeschooled from Grade 4 through high school, and he and his wife Stephanie have four children: Vanya, 8; Raphael, 7; Samuel, 5; and Emma, 4. André is the youngest of three boys. When his oldest brother was ready for high school, his parents decided to homeschool their children—they wanted their boys to be strong in their faith, and they realized that the local high school would be a negative influence. - By Caitlyn Watson -
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Debate Teams, Why and how you should start one

Ask most parents of teenagers and they will tell you that arguing with their children is not something to which they aspire. Certainly, their aim is not to equip their children to be more skilled at verbal sparring! Then why would any parent want their child to learn the art of debate?
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Reaching Out, Their homeschooling journey

Dan and Nicole Mishchenko of Ontario have decided to add fostering and adoption to their homeschooling journey.The Mishchenkos felt called to fostering five years ago through a series of what Nicole calls "nudges." They recognized all the gifts God had given them and, remembering God’s command to care for the widows and orphans, they felt compelled to reach out to others. They also ran into past acquaintances who fostered, and they were moved as these people explained the need for fostering families.
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Page Program

Daniel Vander Hout is a grade 8 student who is homeschooled on his family's greenhouse farm near Dundas, Ontario. Daniel served as a page in the Ontario Legislative Assembly in September 2011. He learned about the page program from a Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) while visiting Queen's Park with his father on behalf of The Ontario Greenhouse Alliance.
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