February 11, 2013

Fight for Religious Freedom

Québec Court Case News

A continuation of the current Québec government's policy of forcing their religious views on all students in Québec. This case hits close to home for homeschoolers. Loyola is a private Catholic high school. The Ethics and Religious Culture Course that the schools are being told they must teach is clearly contrary to Catholic teaching. We are watching this case very closely as it could have significant implications for homeschooling families in Québec and across Canada.
For a history of how this issue was forced into the public schools click here.
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It would seem that charters of rights and freedoms are not worth the paper it is written on. If you were to ask any public official or servant to public declare that they would adhere to those charters, I would be surprised if one does. The last time I saw a copy of the canadian charter was at my highschool over twenty years ago. Perhaps those willing and who have the time, should start getting charters posted in all public institutions.

2013-02-12 by owen

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