March 12, 2014

France: Proposal for Bill Withdrawn*

According to the French Senate's Web site, the proposal for a bill in France to limit home education only in cases of incapacity to attend school, was withdrawn. The author of the proposed bill, Hugues Portelli, withdrew it himself just yesterday.

The information we have following our contacts with certain associations in France indicate that the intention of this proposed bill was to stop the growing number of what the government considers to be small private schools, operated by parents and out from under State control. Did Mr. Portelli understand the scope such a law as he had proposed could have had, as well as its impact on families who have already opted for home education?

We can only hope that in France and elsewhere, it will be recognized what charters already declare: that the responsibility of a child's education rests first and foremost with that child's parents.

*not a bill that was proposed but a proposal for a bill: French system


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