April 18, 2013

Summoned for Jury Duty
Homeschooling parents can be excused

I have been summoned for jury duty. Can you help?”
I homeschool. Is it possible to request exemption from jury selection because of this?” 
“Do you have any advice or suggestions

We receive many phone calls and emails from our members in their respective provinces asking these very questions. The right to a trial by jury is an important part of our judicial system in protecting the rights and freedoms of Canadians. Therefore, jury duty and the ability to serve as a juror when summoned is a responsibility of great importance.

However, as a homeschooling parent you may feel that jury duty would cause an interruption to your personal home education program since there is no way to know how long the trial could be. This could be a major disruption for you as your child’s primary instructor, the one who is responsible for his education on a daily basis.

You can request to be excused from jury duty or to have the summons deferred to a later date. Many of our members have had success with such requests. However, there is no guarantee that will always be the case. You may still have to fulfill your duty as a Canadian citizen.

If you should receive a summons from the Ministry of the Attorney General to appear for jury selection, contact our office. We will provide you with a draft letter requesting exemption based on the fact you are providing for your children’s education at home. We suggest that you fill out the particulars in this letter and send it to the Attorney General’s office as soon as possible. This has been successful in the past.

At HSLDA we attempt to do all we can to help provide advice and possible solutions for whatever obstacles and challenges you may encounter along your homeschool path. Being excused from jury duty is just another one of the many ways we lend a helping hand to all our members.

Kerry Mullenix - Member Services


I have successfully been exempted in Hamilton for jury duty several years ago with a letter explaining the difficulty. We moved in the last few years and I was again chosen to appear of jury selection. I sent a letter again, asking for a postponement or exemption. They did defer my jury duty selection process until the summer.

2013-04-22 by Christine Taylor

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