February 21, 2012 

Political Correctness Gone Mad (Alberta Alert - Call Needed Immediately)

The new Education Act (Bill 2) proposed in Alberta will force political correctness on parents in their own homes when teaching their children.  Under this powerful new legislation, all homeschooling, including all material and teaching, must meet these requirements. It essentially makes parents subject to the Alberta Human Rights Act when they interact with their own children in their own homes. Furthermore, it requires this communication to promote understanding and respect as set out in the Alberta Human Rights Act:  the same Act that has been responsible for repressing virtually all forms of religious expression that have come before the Human Rights Tribunal. How then, is a parent to read the bible to their child, or pray with them, or share any of their own religious beliefs without fearing the political correctness police.

Homeschoolers in Alberta cannot stand for this.  If you live in Alberta, ACT NOW!

These changes are being rushed through government.  Every day counts.

Call your MLA!

Click here for contact information for your MLA.

Call the Minister of Education, Thomas Lukaszuk (780) 427-5010

We are asking for 1 of 2 simple things:

Homeschoolers need to be specifically exempted from s.16 of Bill 2, or the definition of school needs to be changed so it doesn't include homeschoolers.

Note: If your call to your MLA is long distance, dial 310-0000 then the area code and the phone number you would like to reach in order to receive toll free access.

Problem Sections:

1(1)(x) "school" means a structured learning environment through
which an education program is offered to a student by
       (iv) a parent providing a home education program, or

Diversity and respect

16 All courses or programs of study offered and instructional materials used in a school must reflect the diverse nature and heritage of society in Alberta, promote understanding and respect for others and honour and respect the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Alberta Human Rights Act.

For link to the full text of Bill 2 click here.




Why is it that someone else thinks that they have some right to tell me how to teach MY children or WHAT I teach them as long as I am not abusing them or teaching them to steal or kill someone? As a parent I should have the legal right to be a parent for my child without having to ask if I am politically correct. I am not hurting anyone. This is totally ridiculous.

2012-02-21 by Iiris Pennanen

I agree that the govt. does not have the right to tell us what we need to do in our own homes. Please keep up the good fight. P.S. Should the word Bible in the first paragraph be capatalized?

2012-02-22 by Tim

It has come to my attention the new Education Act (Bill 2) proposed in Alberta will force political correctness on parents in their own homes when teaching their children, entrenching the homosexuality topic into the education act!!! This is appalling! I wish to inform you on behalf of thousands of parents, and educators this teaching concept is infringing upon the freedom of religions and practices of citizens! If you impose this on society, you will open the door to polygamy, legitimize incest, drugs, and distasteful practices in the schools, the homes! You have no legal right to barge upon the privacy of Christian community. Radford/Minister of Ed, YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR!! May there be many voices heard on this issues! Mark my word – Radford you are out the door! Sincerely, Susan fox

2012-02-25 by susan fox

I'm not a member and I live in B.C. but I am aghast at this Government attack on ALL families in Alberta(I have been a homeschooler since 1990). This crosses all the lines of acceptable democracy; suddenly all families are put on notice that they are no longer the parents but the state will decide what the parents are allowed to say to their children. Once this law becomes accepted It will continuously provide impetus for succedding government s to also enforce their political agendas on formation of family. There is alot at stake that all families should recognize; not just homeschoolers. Even Stalin didn't get that far; ( invading households) this is a dark day for Alberta. The rest of Canada has always looked to Alberta with admiration as people who strongly believe in freedom. It's a beacon for the rest of Canada! The government ( in Democracies) is supposed to be a servant of the people; not the other way around. Never let a quick unthought-out change the status to totalitarian!

2012-02-25 by Gwen Green

Parents in Alberta need to start speaking out about this or we are going to lose the rights we have from the Lord to raise our children according to His standards.

2012-03-03 by Joyce Garbet

We totally oppose Bill 2. How dare this government think that you have the right to impose this Bill upon the populace. Traditional family value MUST BE PRESERVED. We feel it unfortunate that the party which we have supported for many many years is causing us to think seriously of directing our engergies and loyalties elsewhere. We will not, we do not support Allison Redford's attitudes towards family values, in fact, how dare she think to take away the parental role of teaching and leadership. Forget it, no way. Whatever it takes to stop this Bill and or her, we will endeavor to do so. Thank you.

2012-03-20 by Glen & Jacquelyn Jones

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