February 7, 2012

Preorder Books for Conference Pickup

Members wishing to order from our online store and not pay shipping charges can arrange to do so as follows:

  1. Place their order directly through the office by calling and giving us their order using a valid credit card.

  2. Books ordered must be paid for in full before they leave the HSLDA office.

  3. HSLDA will take your paid purchases to the conference you attend. You can pick up your purchase at our booth during regular booth hours.

  4. Identification must be presented at time of pick up.

  5. If the books are not picked up at the conference, HSLDA will mail it to you at your expense.

  6. There will be no refunds if books are not picked up or shipped to you. There are significant costs to us shipping the books to and from the conferences.

    We look forward to serving our members in this way and meeting you at the many conferences across Canada!! Happy Shopping!! Click here to visit our store. Please post a comment on any book that you have read and would like to recommend. Thank you!! 


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