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Oct 21, 2015

Apprenticeships and Its Challenges

What happens after grade 12? If you are persevering through homeschooling high school, you will without a doubt face the questions of ‘what next?’ and ‘how do we get there?’ All of the postsecondary options that are available for the ‘school kids’ are also available to homeschool kids. The process for getting in is sometimes a bit more convoluted, but HSLDA members have always found success in pursuing their postsecondary dreams.
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Oct 13, 2015

HSLDA is Hiring

The Marketing and Communication department of HSLDA Canada is seeking a copywriter for our French blog and publications. Ideally, this candidate will be well-acquainted with homeschooling, either currently homeschooling or having previously homeschooled their children.
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Oct 12, 2015

My Baby Can Read, Raising a Child with Hyperlexia

We are excited to have a guest post this week on the blog. Dyan Robson shares a glimpse into her life with a child with special needs. Welcome to the HSLDA blog, Dyan, and thank you for sharing this very interesting story!
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Oct 07, 2015

From Homeschool to Postsecondary

On the HSLDA member site, we have many resources and helps for you in making sure that the hard work that your homeschool graduate did gets recognized as they pursue their postsecondary paths. We’ve shared about transcripts and diplomas, apprenticeships, success stories, and more! Homeschool graduates can get accepted to their preferred postsecondary option, and HSLDA is here to help them if they run into administrative difficulty.
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