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Oct 07, 2015

From Homeschool to Postsecondary

On the HSLDA member site, we have many resources and helps for you in making sure that the hard work that your homeschool graduate did gets recognized as they pursue their postsecondary paths. We’ve shared about transcripts and diplomas, apprenticeships, success stories, and more! Homeschool graduates can get accepted to their preferred postsecondary option, and HSLDA is here to help them if they run into administrative difficulty.
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Oct 01, 2015

Meet the Habermehl Family

At HSLDA, we love to hear stories from our members about what “a day in the life” looks like for them. This week, we are sharing the Habermehls story! Maybe you’ll see your family’s experience in theirs. Or maybe you’ll be intrigued by the differences between your families. Either way, it is encouraging to read these homeschool stories as we celebrate the privilege and freedom we have to teach our children at home. It is a wonderful life!
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Sep 24, 2015

From Public School to Homeschool

HSLDA Canada President Paul Faris has been successfully defending and representing homeschooling families for over a decade. While his success in the courtroom can be traced back to his education and legal experience, Paul’s empathy and support for the homeschooling families across Canada come from his own personal schooling experience.
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Sep 14, 2015

Record Keeping: Documenting the good work your family has done

Having the freedom to homeschool is not something we should take for granted. And ensuring that we are keeping record of the good work we are doing at home is one way to maintain an intentional measure of the validity of homeschooling. We know anecdotally that homeschooling works. And we know that our children are learning and experiencing so much. However, to a society that is conditioned to measure learning in the way that the public schools always have, homeschooling can look too informal or too haphazard unless we can document the progress our students have made.
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