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Sep 15, 2014

Working From Home? It Can be Done!

Homeschooling families go through many changes and trials. However, there is little discussion about moms at the end of their homeschooling journey, preparing to graduate their youngest after years in the homeschool trenches. Neither is there much mention of families who suddenly find themselves without an income, whether it is due to illness, job loss, or abandonment.
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Sep 04, 2014

Bravo to the Relief Team!

Some authors in homeschooling circles recently suggested the idea that the portrait of homeschooling families is changing, and therefore the needs are changing also. Among other things, they were saying that in light of new technologies and the fact that we now have second and third generation homeschoolers in certain cases, the need to attend an annual conference seems to have abated. These comments recently issued on the Web made certain homeschool veterans react, and I am happy to note that we observe elsewhere what I experienced once again this year during the conferences that I had the privilege to attend: “The dawn meets twilight”, and that is a good thing!
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Sep 04, 2014

Help for Homeschooling High School Full-Day Seminar

Learning House is offering another Help for Homeschooling High School full-day seminar. This one is scheduled for Saturday, October 4, 2014 in Cambridge, Ontario.
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Aug 15, 2014

How do you Focus on What Matters Most?

As we are finalizing our Provincial Forms and Guides to simplify reporting and notifying for you, the most amazing part for me is to see how these potential restrictions are being embraced by you as powerful tools to focus your families on what matters most. As I have taken this conversation back into my own family, we have explored, “Why do we homeschool?” and “How does homeschooling benefit us?” In this, I gained a new appreciation, desire and passion to forge ahead through those times of uncertainty and discouragement as I was reminded why it matters to my wife and children. Here in the Wyler family, we are passionate about connecting both ourselves and others to the truth. Homeschooling has been an amazing tool to help us do that. One of the questions that has come up during this conversation has been “If we embrace these requirements as a good thing, will that open us up to more regulations? Shouldn’t we stand up against them?” Here is what I have witnessed as families and homeschoolers have embraced reporting and notifying as tools, not restrictions.
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