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Sep 30, 2014

Giving up Convenience to Discover Freedom

In November 2013 we started a homeschool blog series: a series of interviews with the staff at HSLDA. We started with Kerry, your Member Services contact at HSLDA, and ended with Suzanne, wife of HSLDA President, Paul Faris. In between, you would have read the homeschool interviews of Brenda, Laurie, myself, Carole, Manon, Lisa, Barbara, and Elizabeth. Wow! HSLDA is a busy place! We work hard to serve you as you homeschool your family. Because homeschooling is growing in Canada we needed to bring on another team member to serve you and your homeschooling family. Shayne Wyler was hired in February 2014 to fill the position of Homeschooling Solutions Coordinator. You will hear from Shayne now and again as he brings you homeschool products, updates, and information through emails and magazine articles to help make your homeschool life better. Shayne spends his week days at our office while his wife homeschools their children. Today, I am very pleased to introduce and interview Shelley Wyler.
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Sep 19, 2014

Two Cultures One Family

In 2005, God called the McManus family to the journey of adoption, which took them through two and a half years of ups and downs. The first challenge they faced was making the decision to adopt internationally. How would they be able to honour the child’s birth heritage? How would growing up in another country impact this child? What would it be like to have a bi-racial family?
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Sep 15, 2014

Working From Home? It Can be Done!

Homeschooling families go through many changes and trials. However, there is little discussion about moms at the end of their homeschooling journey, preparing to graduate their youngest after years in the homeschool trenches. Neither is there much mention of families who suddenly find themselves without an income, whether it is due to illness, job loss, or abandonment.
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Sep 04, 2014

Bravo to the Relief Team!

Some authors in homeschooling circles recently suggested the idea that the portrait of homeschooling families is changing, and therefore the needs are changing also. Among other things, they were saying that in light of new technologies and the fact that we now have second and third generation homeschoolers in certain cases, the need to attend an annual conference seems to have abated. These comments recently issued on the Web made certain homeschool veterans react, and I am happy to note that we observe elsewhere what I experienced once again this year during the conferences that I had the privilege to attend: “The dawn meets twilight”, and that is a good thing!
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