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Jan 15, 2015

Accelerated Mathematics, Brock University

Math contests, math camps, math research, and and interesting? Do you have a strong, independent learner who loves all things mathematical, and is considering pursuing math at university?
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Jan 13, 2015

One Step Closer: Alberta's Home Education Regulation Under the New Education Act has been Drafted

Over the last two years, HSLDA has worked closely with AHEA to provide input to the Minister on the formation of the new regulation. AHEA is one of many named stakeholders who have worked on this project. The goals of some stakeholders do not align with HSLDA’s and AHEA’s goals for homeschooling families. Thankfully, our efforts were successful in averting negative outcomes for home education.
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Jan 08, 2015

Video Update: Setting Goals that Work for You

This week on the Vlog, Paul Faris interviews Shayne Wyler, Homeschooling Solutions Coordinator, on a topic that applies to all of us: Goal Setting.
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Jan 04, 2015

Back to School After the Christmas Break

Back to School is just around the corner and I haven’t even taken down our Christmas Tree yet. How is it that a day of teaching fractions and Canadian history and quadratic equations can feel like an eternity, and yet two weeks of Christmas holidays feels like a blink of an eye?
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