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Dec 23, 2014

LBPSB Council in Montréal Moves to Table Homeschool Policy and Consult Homeschoolers

Our Québec team has been very busy making contacts at different levels of bureaucracy in an effort to promote and demystify home education in different areas of the province. One of these efforts came to a climax recently where we obtained a hearing at Lester B. Pearson’s School Council meeting. In doing so, we were able to prevent a new homeschool policy (not much better than the previous one) from being adopted, as well as obtain a commitment from the Council that homeschoolers and their representatives would be consulted.
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Dec 16, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Faris Family

As homeschoolers, we know that life is pretty perfect all the time. Instructions are heeded the first time they are given, subjects are learned and memorized the first time they are heard, and children never do anything to embarrass or frustrate us. Right? Ahem.
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Dec 05, 2014

Fifth Video Update: The Law in 7 Minutes

Welcome back, everyone! This week the vlog gets a little technical as I give a quick lesson on legal process. Wait! Come back! Before you let your eyes glaze over and you click away in boredom let me stress why this is an important vlog for you to watch. As you know, HSLDA defends and protects rights of parents to homeschool. But do you really know what that entails? When we send updates on provincial laws and Bills in the provincial legislatures or federal parliament, it is important that you understand the basic process of how a bill becomes a law so that you can follow what HSLDA is doing on your behalf, and at which stages you may be able to get involved.
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Dec 05, 2014

Prince Edward Island, Bill 14 An Act to Amend the School Act

Having passed first reading on November 13, 2014, Bill 14 includes new wording that is favourable to homeschoolers. Generally, among other things, Bill 14 changes the definition of compulsory school age, and even specifies that a home education program is not included in the definition of a “private school”. Further, Bill 14 would no longer require a home education program to be certified by the Minister.
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