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Feb 12, 2015

Extend Your Valentine's Giving Beyond February 14

Flowers, chocolates, candy hearts, expensive dinners by candlelight -- all for that one special day: Valentine’s Day! Loving, sharing, giving: that’s what Valentine’s Day is about. Why do we feel the need to go all out for just one special day? Or the better question: why limit it to one day? I don’t know about you, but I think those feelings we work so hard to show each other on this one day should be extended every day of the year, all 365 days.
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Feb 05, 2015

Video Update: What about High School?

When you tell people that you are going to begin homeschooling, so often the question you hear in response is, “What about high school?” Whether you are at the stage in your homeschooling journey to answer that question or not, rest assured that the benefits to homeschooling through high school are many!
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Jan 29, 2015

Support Groups: The Road to Success!

Having read a lot from the author, Sally Clarkson, I was convinced that a homeschool mom needs to be well-supported in her homeschooling. This support, or lack thereof, could make all the difference between success and failure for a mom. I had also witnessed burnout of some mothers who chose many activities away from home should to ensure that their children “didn’t miss out”. So with this perspective, right from the beginning of my homeschooling, I wanted to start a group that placed the emphasis on meetings that were primarily for the benefit of the moms, while occasionally including a few activities with the children.
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Jan 25, 2015

Video Update: The Heart behind the Question of "Why Homeschool?"

Welcome to our newest addition to the Vlog! This week, Paul Faris speaks from the heart about why he and his wife, Suzanne, homeschool their children. It is not a difficult task to prove the value of homeschooling from a ‘head knowledge’ standpoint. Homeschooling just makes sense and has research to prove it. Our website has a complete record of all the research done on homeschooling that proves that educating our children at home makes a great, positive difference in every measure.
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