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We want to give you the tools - information, support, and protection - you need to help your children excel regardless of which educational options you choose when they turn five. You will have access to all the services HSLDA provides including:

Our quarterly publication;
helpful emails;
access to our homeschooling experts;
membership in the largest homeschooling network in Canada;
insurance for group events;
legal information and protection;
and much more!

We encourage you to submit your application form online, as it is the safest and most secure way to apply for HSLDA membership. However, if you prefer, you can download the application form below and mail/fax it to our office.


  Click here to download a PDF file of our application form.

HSLDA will treat this information with absolute confidentiality. Need help filling out this form or have questions? Contact our office at 519-913-0318 for assistance.

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4. Has any legal action been threatened or brought against your children, homeschool, or anyone associated with it, or have you been contacted by any local school official, social worker, or other government official concerning your children, your homeschool, or absence from public school in the last 5 year? *


If yes, please explain:

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