Reasons to Join HSLDA - Your Home Education Support & Information Source

1) Beginning to Homeschool

  • Once your membership is accepted we will mail you a Welcome Package with helpful information including details on your province's education laws and put you in touch with local support groups in your area.
  • Your family will receive liability insurance that covers your homeschooling activities and events at no extra cost beyond your regular membership fee.
  •  We offer advice on how to get started homeschooling, finding curriculum and evaluating your children. 
  •  Studies showing the academic and social value of home education along with information on how to get started are made available to families online and through printed materials.

2) Encouragement and Support for the Journey

  • Our quarterly magazine provides encouragement and updates you about what is going on across Canada in the areas of homeschooling and parental rights.
  • E-Report messages will keep you current on policy and legislature issues and parental rights, but will also keep you up to date concerning the issues surrounding everyday family life. 
  • HSLDA lawyers, staff, and board members offer vision, encouragement, and helpful homeschooling information at regional and provincial conferences. 
  • Through regional support group leadership seminars and the annual National Leadership Conference (NLC), HSLDA seeks to serve home education leaders by helping them develop their skills in order to more effectively serve homeschoolers across Canada.
  • We provide helpful materials and resources that will assist you in teaching your children who face different challenges or have special learning needs. 
  • As a homeschooler you may be excused from jury duty. We can walk you through this process.

3) Graduation and Beyond

  • At your request, we will write a letter providing proof of your student's homeschool status in order to obtain educational or other discounts.
  • High School students seeking entrance into Apprenticeships, Colleges or Universities may contact our office for assistance.
  • Although we cannot represent Canadian families in foreign countries, we do offer assistance to Canadian homeschoolers living outside Canada by writing letters on their behalf.

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